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Advanced Estate Planning

Advanced Estate Planning includes wealth management solutions for asset protection in higher-range income households.  Wealth Management options include different types of irrevocable grantor trusts, such as an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITS), GRATs, GRITS, or a Grantor Personal Residence Trust (GPRT).  Sometimes people may want to leave an estate or specific gifts to charity in a Charity Trust.  You can use a range of estate planning solutions for wealth management and asset protection to accommodate your family’s specific needs, provide for future generations, and protect assets from seizure by creditors.

Estate Tax Planning

Estate taxes can consume a substantial amount of your hard-earned assets. As part of the estate planning process, Sheri coordinates with your CPA to structure an estate that limits family tax obligations, limits estate taxes and protects assets.

Asset Protection-Elder Law

Asset Protection is also a part of Elder Law, however it seems a different purpose than working with individuals to reduce their financial footprint. This particular type of advance estate planning focuses on asset protection for those who need to qualify for government benefits. For more information go to the practice area for Elder Law.

Your Estate Plan Attorney

Are you waiting for the right moment to have an estate plan? Perhaps, you are putting it off until you have children or retire.  Waiting is throwing the dice.  Tucker Legal Services provides peace of mind for you and your family. Sheri Tuckeris an attorney dedicated to help you and your family create your Peace-of-Mind estate plan that fits your needs. Book Now for your appointment.

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