What is a Valid Last Will?

Your Last Will and Testament is a basic part of your estate plan that tells the Court how you want your property to be given and who should receive your assets after your death. To do the job, it needs to be a valid legal document.  Too often, people try to write a Last Will and Testament themselves, which often poses problems or results in unintended consequences. What is legally required to be a valid Last Will? Read More

What is a Family LLC?

Do you and your spouse own a small business together?  Perhaps, you and your spouse invest in rental properties or even own a family farm.  What is the connection between being a family, a business owner, and estate planning? As a family and business owner what type of estate planning should you consider? Let’s explore some answers to the questions. What is a Family LLC or FLP? FLLC stands for a Read More

What’s Wrong with DIY Estate Plans?

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects exist in many different areas such as landscaping, bathroom remodeling, and even pouring a patio. Consumers browse through websites and links watching instructional videos and reading how-to manuals.  People read and try to find answers to complex questions.  If a mistake happens, the fallback plan is either try to fix it or hire a professional.  While a physical project Read More

Estate Plans for Business Owners

Image from AdobeStock Dust off the cobwebs of the COVID19 year. It’s time to get back into the game of business or even step up for a new mile marker of achievement. However, it’s not just time to take care of business. It’s time to take care of your estate plan. What is the connection between your business and your estate? How does estate planning protect you as a business owner? Estate planning solutions in Read More

Are Granny Cams Legal?

Two scenarios for electronic monitoring Seniors and Elderly parents exist.  One happens when children place hidden cameras in their parents’ own home. Often adult children view cameras as an electronic babysitter in the home. The camera is used as a safety measure or even to prevent elder abuse.  The other scenario is monitoring the care of a loved one living in a nursing facility.  Electronic surveillance with Read More

Seniors Beware the Scammer

Thief in black clothes on grey background Seniors Beware the Scammer.  Many good and caring people live in the world. In times of disasters, and the Pandemic, we saw strangers with big hearts, helping out and going the extra mile for others. We celebrate folks who volunteer their time to help others in need, especially during disasters. We celebrate even small ways acts of kindness such as a person who holds the Read More

Estate Planning and Grey Divorce

We started hearing about grey divorces from the lives of politicians and celebrities.  The recent announcement by Bill and Melinda Gates  reinforced the trend of people divorcing after the age of 50 years.  It’s not only the rich and famous becoming “Silver Splitters;” it’s also the everyday husband and wife calling it quits.  This article focuses on how Diamond Divorces affects estate planning. Read More

What is Wealth Management?

This article focuses on advanced estate planning and asset protection for affluent families. Over 65 types of trusts exist in estate planning. Each trust serves a different need or purpose.  One type of estate   plan may fit for one individual or family; yet may not be the best solution  for another.  Most are familiar with the terms Last Will and Testament or a Living Trust.  Wills and Living Trusts provide a Read More

What is Elder Law?

People often ask the question, “What is Elder Law?”  Before diving into the areas of elder law, I have to say that the state of Missouri does not recognize specializations.  However, does this mean that a client should not research the attorney who focuses on this practice area of law? Absolutely not! Let’s take a look at what is elder law and why one needs an experienced attorney in the area of elder law. Defining Read More

What Ifs in Estate Planning

  Made with Visme Infographic Maker There are the What Ifs to consider for estate planning.  What if I have children and die? What if someone wants grandma's wedding ring when I die? What if I have incapacity? The What Ifs exist but aren't always pleasant to think about. Still, it is the what ifs that make it important to put an estate plan in place. Estate Plans for Family Why do you need an estate plan as a Read More