How to Fund Your Revocable Living Trust

Funding your Revocable Living Trust is important so that you keep the trust as a working part of your estate plan. Without funding, a revocable living trust is useless. Trusts are an essential part of an estate plan because they can protect your assets from estate taxes, probate costs, creditor claims, and beneficiaries who may not manage their inheritance wisely.  There are two primary types of trusts - Read More

Digital Assets in Estate Planning

Digital Assets in Estate Planning are increasing as a valuable asset. It is a new type of property for attorneys to include in estate plans. When most people think about estate planning, they consider their physical assets—their home, antiques, valuable jewelry, stocks, and cash. Today, a recent type of personal property is expanding and creating valuable assets for older baby boomers and for Millennials and Read More

Missouri Probate Explained

Navigating Missouri Probate is explained to help you with some basic understanding. If you recently experienced a death in the family, it is important to understand probate’s legal proceedings. What is Probate? Probate is a court process ensuring the payments of debts, asset collection, and asset distributions to heirs or beneficiaries upon a loved one’s death.  An estate is submitted to probate when a person dies Read More

Special Needs Trust for Disabilities

A Special Needs Trust helps your child with a disability. When you have a child or another family member with special needs,  take extra care  planning your estate. Although estate planning should always be a personalized process, it’s especially important when the loved one you’re providing for relies on access to state services or government benefits. Special Needs Trust - Goals A special needs trust accomplishes Read More

Probate Guardianships – Minors and Wills

Guardianship of Minors is different than Guardianship of an incapacitated or person with moderate to severe disabilities.  Guardianship over a minor, is named in a parent's will.  A will is the most important estate plan a parent must have.  Guardianship over a minor must be decided in Probate Court is both parent's or guardians are deceased.  As a parent, it is difficult to think of someone who can raise our Read More