Medicaid Estate Planning

Medicaid Trusts and Crisis Planning

The firm helps Seniors with Medicaid Estate Planning. Planning for Medicaid is an integral piece of Elder Law. Seniors and people with disabilities may need help paying for long-term care. As society ages, there is an increased focus on caring for the elderly with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Seniors may need to qualify for Medicaid to pay health care costs. Children with a disability are aging into adulthood, which creates special estate planning concerns.  People with disabilities require special estate planning and may need to qualify for Medicaid. Tucker Legal Service creates your Medicaid estate plan. The firm prepares Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (MAPT) and Medicaid Crisis Planning solutions.

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Medicaid Planning

People with disabilities need extra care to keep government benefits. Elderly parents may find that they need Medicaid to help pay for in-home care, or even memory care homes.  Seniors may not be financially prepared for the high costs of memory care. Often, couples think they have enough money but realize that their savings is rapidly depleted. A sudden health-care crisis may cause a person to need Medicaid. An example of a sudden crisis is a long-term TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from a personal injury. Sheri Tucker works with personal injury attorneys to create estate plans to meet a person’s needs.

Tucker Legal Services will help you find out whether or not your loved one qualifies for Medicaid.  There are two ways to plan for a long-term health crisis. Missouri, like many states is a “pay-back” state. Without estate planning, the state may claim assets, including the family home, as a pay-back for Medicaid dollars. Sometimes, couples are advised to divorce; however, estate planning solutions exist to keep your marriage going and protect assets. Seniors may choose 5-year planning to prepare them for a future health crisis event. There is also Medicaid crisis planning solutions to help the family save some of their assets. Tucker Legal Services is a law firm that helps Seniors and people with disabilities in Elder Law.


Children and Special Needs

Sometimes a parent may not understand what benefits are available for their children.   Sometimes parents are unaware that a child with a disability may also qualify for benefits and have an ABLE Account.  Sheri is able to help parents help a child’s quality of life with special need planning and prepare them financially for aging into adulthood.

Conventional estate planning solutions can leave a beneficiary with a disability unable to qualify for state health care and long-term care programs.The failure of proper planning may have lasting negative consequences. Tucker Legal Services provides the steps to help everyone understand proper gift-giving and bequests to a person with special needs. For for information on Special Needs Trust visit Special Needs Trust.

Let Sheri Tucker help you and your family. She works with individuals and families to provide exceptional service and compassionate advocacy with integrity. To discuss the best option for your situation and disability, Book now.

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