Living Trusts

A Revocable Living Trust  (RLT) is an estate planning option that allows you to transfer ownership of your assets to a trust and keep your affairs private.  Different trusts complement your life and family needs.  A Revocable Living Trusts means that the Grantor (you) may change the trust term or terminate the trust during your life time.  It is a flexible estate planning document. In Missouri, the Revocable Living Trust may also be called a Qualified Spousal Trust.  Following are some “boutique” subtrusts that may become part of your estate plan and be included in a RLT.

Digital Asset Trusts: Set up a digital asset trust to protect your non-tangible assets, including online accounts, cryptocurrency, and gaming accounts.

Pet Trusts: Pets are part of your family, so your estate plan should include them. A pet trust ensures that your pet is cared for and sets aside money for their long-term care needs. For more information read If I Die, What Happens to My Pet?

Gun Trusts: Establish a NFA  “gun trust,” which holds your firearm collection. Visit Trust Your Gun for more information.

Your experienced estate planning law firm, Tucker Legal Services, LLC tailors your Trust to fit you and your family. Avoid the cookie-cutter, boiler-plate document. Book Now for your personalized plan with Sheri Tucker, your Advocate for Peace of Mind.

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