The Attorney's Guide to Addressing Alzheimer's

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An Elder Law Attorney helps you with Senior legal issues such as Alzheimer’s and estate plans or powers of attorney. The Attorney’s Guide to Addressing Alzheimer’s is a helpful free resource for you. 

I understand the “Sandwich” Generation, having a senior parent and young adults.  Today, there is a longer life expectancy and with a longer life may come different types of physical and mental health concerns.  I have experience working with Seniors and their families.  Dementia and Alzheimer’s is not only about the individual Senior, it is also about their family.  The family life changes as they face new struggles, and concerns. I help families dealing with a loved one struggling with mental incapacity, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. 


Thank you for claiming your free copy of The Attorney’s Guide to Addressing Alzheimer’s. You will find this resource helpful and comforting as you learn how to help your loved one.  For more information about how I help you and your family member, visit the page for Elder Law.

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