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Tucker Legal Services, LLC is a law firm with practice areas focusing on estate planning, advanced estate planning, and elder law. Law firm practice areas include probate and estate administration. Sheri believes in client service and a lifelong estate planning and administration partnership with your family. Follow the links below to learn more about each practice area and find out how Sheri Tucker helps you. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, contact Attorney Sheri Tucker to get started.

Estate Planning

Sheri Tucker helps families in many different situations with estate planning. She designs effective, individualized estate plans. She creates peace-of-mind planning for your family to minimize legal complications. The firm offers CAMP a Client and Maintenance Program for clients’ life plans so that your estate plan continues to meet your family’s needs. Tucker Legal Services, LLC provides the right tools and documents to create your life plan.

Advanced Estate Planning

People may own a small business or multiple real estate properties, and assets with income that causes tax concerns. The firm works with clients to reduce their financial footprint. A variety of trusts exists to meet family needs with higher end assets. Advanced Estate Planning builds on revocable living trusts for a legacy plan.

Elder Law

Today, Elderly people are society’s most vulnerable population with an increased risk for abuse and financial exploitation. The firm designs advance estate plans for seniors to safeguard their assets. Sheri Tucker offers enhanced senior powers of attorney that includes dementia and Alzheimer’s concerns and VSED. The firm practice area in elder law includes Medicaid and Medicaid crisis planning. 

Sheri Tucker focuses on creating 1st and 3rd Party Supplemental Needs Trusts for those who qualify. If a Senior or person with a disability, qualifies for Medicaid and has a personal injury suit, Sheri Tucker works with your Personal Injury attorney to help you keep your government benefits. She is the right attorney to create a special needs trust to protect your loved one’s qualifications for government benefits and maintain a quality of life.

Probate & Estate Administration

After a loved one passes, the next phase of estate administration begins. Despite the best plans, there are families who fight each other over assets, or are overcome by grief and unable to act.  Sheri Tucker is an empathetic attorney who will help you navigate probate, and avoid legal woes when you serve as an executor or personal representative.

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