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Established boutique law firm in St. Louis County.  The firm focus is estate planning, advanced estate planning, and elder law. Law firm practice areas include probate and estate administration.  Each section below gives a brief summary. Read more to know how Sheri Tucker is your estate plan ally. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, contact Attorney Sheri Tucker to get started.

Sheri Tucker helps families in many different situations with estate planning. She creates peace-of-mind planning for your family. The firm offers ECAMP™, a Client and Maintenance Program so that your estate plan continues to meet your family’s needs. She is your estate plan ally.

“Estate planning is a life plan”


Legacy Planning - Advanced Estate Planning

People may own a small business or multiple real estate properties, and assets with income that causes tax concerns. The firm works with clients to reduce their financial footprint with a variety of trusts to meet higher income estate planning goals. Advanced Estate Planning builds on revocable living trusts for a legacy plan. 

“Your life plan is your legacy plan.”

Today, Elderly people are society’s most vulnerable population with an increased risk for abuse and financial exploitation. The firm designs advance estate plans for seniors to safeguard their assets. Sheri Tucker offers enhanced senior powers of attorney that includes dementia and Alzheimer’s concerns and VSED. The firm practice area in elder law includes Medicaid and Medicaid crisis planning. 


“Seniors need extra care in estate planning”


The death of a loved one is an emotional time of stress.  The firm does the heavy lifting of taking an estate through probate and guides you through the estate administration process.

“Take time to grieve and heal from your loss.”

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