Probate & Estate Administration

Navigate Probate and Estate Administration with Ease

After a loved one passes, process of administering an estate begins. Regardless of the estate plan and assets, the team at Tucker Legal Services, LLC  will help you through probate with minimal stress. Take a look at your options now by calling Tucker Legal Services, LLC.

  • Probate & Estate Administration: During probate, the court verifies that a decedent’s assets are handled properly and that all of their obligations are fulfilled. An executor is appointed to administer the estate and distribute assets once probate is completed. It’s important to secure an attorney who will guide you in the right direction.
  • Wills & Trusts: The probate process is different for each estate. If an individual only has a Will upon death, the entire estate must go through probate. A will must be timely submitted.  The court verifies the validity of the Will and imposes a waiting period before assets can be distributed. Failure to follow Probate Court rules leads to probate woes. In most cases, an estate with a revocable or irrevocable trust can bypass probate. Sheri guides you on the right steps to take.
  • Estate Litigation: If issues arise during estate administration, you need an attorney with experience in estate litigation. Tucker Legal Services will step in if there are disputes regarding the validity of the will, if the executor is mishandling the estate, and if assets are not being maintained.