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Tucker Legal, LLC compiled a variety of resources to help you explore your legal options and plan for your family’s future. Take advantage of the resources listed below, and for more personalized advice, contact Tucker Legal Services, LLC  today.


  • Free Resource: Download the free guide, The Attorney’s Guide to Addressing Alzheimer’s, to find out how you can help your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • E-Newsletter: This free email newsletter keeps you on top of changes in estate planning, elder, and disability law.

  • Estate Planning FAQs: Tucker Legal Services, LLC has compiled a few estate planning-FAQs to address some common questions.

  • Elder Law FAQs: Tucker Legal Services, LLC complied a few elder law questions – FAQs to address the legal needs of an aging loved one, visit this page to learn about your options.

  • Disability Law FAQs: If you have disabilities or you’re caring for someone with disabilities, visit this page for helpful information.

  • Probate & Estate Administration Resources: Tucker Legal, LLC has several resources available for families in the midst of probate or estate disputes. Listen to a podcast for Probate Basics.

  • FAQs: Common questions arise from many clients. Get some of those questions answered here.

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Sheri Tucker, Owner at Tucker Legal Services, LLC helps families and individuals with many areas of elder law issues. To stay up to date with information, check out our blog at tuckerlegal-llc.com/blog/ For an experienced elder law attorney near you, reach out to Tucker Legal Services, LLC today.

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